Specialists MypcZen capitalize on decades of experience, their strong industry knowledge and expertise of business processes to help companies through practical and flexible approach to protect against threats, mitigate risk and embrace new technologies needed their growth. The implementation of comprehensive security solutions and enables organizations:

  • increase shareholder value by reducing risk, cost and complexity
  • achieve compliance objectives
  • boost productivity and business growth


Efficient, dynamic, motivated and dedicated accompanies you every day to:


  • Answering your questions
  • Solve your most common or refer you to a more appropriate service problems
  • Provide phone support levels 1, 2 & 3 (Software and Hardware)
  • Opening and managing incidents
  • Documenting a knowledge base
  • Our DameWare Remote QuickStart software (Already acclaimed by over 100 million users worldwide) allows a major time saving both the customer and our technicians.


The database server it is available on the network, in the agreed timeframe?

The Internet access network is it available with respect to user demands and the needs of the IS?

These questions are for the team responsible for managing the IF. Communicating the availability of IS toward users, management of the organization, suppose an approach generating value-added services to the organization's business processes:

How much is the unavailability of the ERP for production teams, working in extended opening hours?



We avoid at all costs and as much as possible breakdowns and incidents that require on-site and through and through prevention policy based on a real-time monitoring of all IT resources.

Over 90% of incidents are resolved remotely, and over 80% of incidents are detected and resolved before they occur. This is transparent to the user.

For each operation, it is determined an intervention report signed by the Client and the Company. A copy of this report is provided to the Customer.

We guarantee a response within one hour following the customer call if the problem can not be resolved remotely


One of the main objectives of outsourcing is intended to ensure the concerted service levels for all computer components installed in the information system.

The support or help desk service is a key element of the quality perceived by users. This is the "cornerstone" of the outsourcing business.

This business is currently booming and is a strategic focus of our development.

MyPcZen has developed significant experience in support activities on site.

We operate widely distributed in key environments (Unix, Citrix, Netware, Windows 2xxx, VMWare, etc.)


The MyPcZen deployment team will accompany you throughout your decisions regarding your IT assets. Compliance with the commitments set out of specifications is critical.

Our expertise in this area:

  • Installing applications business
  • Increase park
  • Migration / Evolution
  • Moves
  • Placing servers settings